Buccaneers Arians Believes in Gabbert, Do You?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking to replace the greatest player of all-time. Once Tom Brady retired the rumors and reports of who would replace him started immediately.

Would it be a high profile player like Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson via trade? Would the Buccaneers look to sign one of the free agent quarterbacks in this year’s pool? The answer might be closer to home than you’d think.

As of today, the 23rd of February there is only one quarterback on the roster, Kyle Trask. Who may very well pan out to be a quality NFL quarterback but didn’t take one regular season snap during his rookie year. Let’s assume the Buccaneers feel he isn’t quite ready to take the helm.

So what direction will the Buccaneers go? If you listen to head coach Bruce Arians, the answer might be someone closer than you think. Arians recently spoke with Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, who shed a little light on what the Buccaneers may do about there quarterback position. “People may not like the overall record, but Blaine had eight head coaches and eight coordinators his first eight years,” Arians stated, “He beat Jacksonville their best year and beat Tennessee their big year for us in Arizona. And he’s been in the system now. I don’t have a problem there and let Kyle continue to grow. Either one. [Gabbert] has never played with a team this good. He’s got all the respect in the locker room that he can have.”

Blaine Gabbert has won 13 of the 48 NFL games he’s started. His touchdown to interception ratio isn’t very good, but as Arians points out, he had no continuity in coaching his first eight years.

Arians belief in Gabbert is admirable, his insistence that he has the respect of the players in the locker room sounds fine but let’s be honest here. If the Buccaneers roll out Gabbert as the starter in 2022 then the Buccaneers are going from the greatest of all-time to a ten year journeyman. That doesn’t exactly get the lines forming at the ticket window does it? This doesn’t mean all is lost, Arians may very well be right about Gabbert. But if he’s not it may be a long 2022.

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