Is Buccaneers Safety Jordan Whitehead Frustrated With Free Agency?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the middle of the NFL’s silly season. The rumors of who the team will go after to fill the void left at the quarterback position when Tom Brady retired have been non-stop.

Not for nothing, the Buccaneers have a lot more to address besides the quarterback position. The Buccaneers have more than 20 unrestricted free agents to make a decision about. While wide receiver Chris Godwin and defensive back Carlton Davis seem to be getting the most attention the player we’re focused on in this article is safety Jordan Whitehead.

Speaking Of Silly Season

Friday morning Whitehead tweeted “business is business but y’all too old to be lying”. Of course one would automatically assume Whitehead was talking about football and free agency. When you factor in how much, or little salary cap space the Buccaneers have it’s easy to draw a line from his tweet to him being frustrated with negotiations. Yes that is speculation, yes I can definitely see Whitehead not being happy with the progress or lack thereof in getting a deal done.

Whitehead Should Be A Priority

We’ve all read the reports that Chris Godwin is the Buccaneers priority in free agency. We also have heard the Bucs have Carlton Davis as a high priority as well. Now I’m not going to make the case that re-signing Whitehead is or should be a higher priority than those two. But I will say that Whitehead has been a key contributor in the backend of this defense. His presence will be hard to replace.

Whitehead has averaged over 70 tackles per season in his first four years. He’s added five interceptions and two forced fumbles as well as 22 tackles for loss. That isn’t something you’re going to replace that easy in the draft or free agency.

Whitehead quickly deleted the tweet and followed it up with another one, “My last tweet had nothing to do with football 😂”. That part I find hard to believe, but, this is the silky season, so maybe Whitehead was just feeling, well, silly

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