Buccaneers Arians Has No Intention of Trading Brady’s Rights


There’s been plenty of talk about Buccaneers recently retired quarterback Tom Brady making a comeback. But if Bucs head coach Bruce Arians has any say in the matter, it’ll only be the Buccaneers he will comeback to play for.

During a press conference at the NFL Combine Arians was asked if the team would “accommodate” Brady if he wanted to be traded to another team this offseason. The answer was Blount, “Nope, bad business”.

Now I’m not one to argue but wouldn’t it be bad business to NOT accommodate Brady? Maybe the sting of Brady’s retirement hasn’t gone away for Arians yet? Later in his presser Arians was asked what would it take from another team to trade the rights for Brady? “Five no.1’s, maybe'” was his answer

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