Licht on Buccaneers Tryon-Shoyinka: “He’s Going to Have to Get a Little Bit Stronger”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers duo of general manager Jason Licht and head coach Bruce Arians have been quite the Chatty Cathy’s at the NFL Combine this week.

The two have given us plenty of information in the last two days. This little nugget was brought to our attention by the guys over at As the Joe’s reported Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht had a chat with JBF and some local media Tuesday.

The topic of Joe Tryon-Shoyinka came up, Licht didn’t disappoint. “We thought he made some big steps,” Licht stated. He played mostly in rotation. He’s going to have to get a little bit stronger and a little bit more disciplined in the run game. But that will come. That usually happens with a young pass rusher coming in his first year as a rookie. So that’s the thing that you need to develop the most. He’s definitely skilled as a rusher. We’ll get better there, as well.”

From the sounds of it, the Buccaneers are still as ecstatic with Tryon-Shoyinka as they were on draft day. Tryon-Shoyinka has all the tools to be a dominant pass rusher, but as Licht points out, he just needs to build up his strength.

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