What Does the Point Spread Mean for the Super Bowl?


The concept of spread is one of the most important in the field of betting. To be able to successfully place bets, you need to know the basic terms of betting. In this review, we will talk about the features of the spread and also find out what does the point spread for the Super Bowl mean.

The term Point Spread came to sports betting from American betting companies and the financial exchange – where the term Point Spread denoted the difference in points (goals scored) between teams. The spread is used in bets where the account difference plays an important role. More information about Super Bowl history, Super Bowl odds, and Super Bowl champions you may find on https://superbetting.com

Types of Spreads in Sports Betting

The most popular types of spreads not only for the Super Bowl but for other competitions as well that betting companies often use are plus and minus.

If the spread has a positive value, then it means the number that must be added to the final account from the outsider. As a result, the score of the match is in favor of the outsider, then the positive spread wins. If it is the other way around, then the bet loses. If the spread value in a basketball match is “+12.5 points”, then the team can either lose by no more than 12 points or must win the match for the bet to win.

With a negative spread with a value of “-12.5 points”, the team on which the bet is placed must win with a difference that will remain positive if the value specified in the spread is subtracted from it. It turns out that if the spread is “- 12.5 points”, then the team must win 13 or more points for the bet to be winning.

What Do Super Bowl Spreads Mean?

One of the most popular types of sports betting is Super Bowl spreads. It is worth noting that a spread is a type of betting in which the loss and gain do not depend on whose team wins. Super Bowl spreads are the choice of which team will cover or exceed the points spread. The score spread is a certain number (number of goals scored) that a team must exceed or not exceed. The purpose of such a bet is not to guess the winner or outsider but to guess the outcome of the game. The advantage of these bets is that you can bet on both teams. This is the only type of bet where players can make a profit regardless of which team wins and which team loses.

There are several spread options for the Super Bowl – you can do a point spread, a favorite point spread, and an underdog spread. If you choose to bet on the points’ favorite team, then your bet will win if the selected team wins by a number greater than the points spread. If you are betting on an underdog, then your bet will win if the outsider wins or loses by a number less than the difference in points.

Spread Bet Example

Let’s assume that the given value of the points spread for the game is 6. In this case, the underdog in points is the Denver Broncos, and the favorite is the Carolina Panthers. It turns out that the value for the Carolina Panthers will be -6 and for the Denver Broncos +6.

For a bet on the Carolina Panthers to win, the team must win by 7 points or more because they are the favorites. If they win 24-16, those who bet on them will succeed. However, if the team wins 22-17, then the bettors on the favorite will lose as the team only won by 5 points, which is less than 6 points.

It turns out that even though the team won the game, the players who bet on this team will lose because the point difference bet lost. Those betting on the underdog will win if the outsider wins or loses by 5 points or less.

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What is Juice in Spread Betting?

Everyone knows that bookmakers make money with a commission, so you need to explain how this happens. If a player places a bet on a point spread, they may see -110 next to each betting option. This means that to win $100, he must wager $110. This $10 difference is the commission that players pay for placing a bet. It is this amount that is called juice or Whig. If players bet an even amount of money on both sides of the line, the juice guarantees a profit to the bookmaker.


The Super Bowl is one of the most popular events in the world of football, so betting on this competition is always in high demand among players. Many users all over the world know such names as Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans, Dallas Cowboys, Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Aaron Rodgers, San Diego, Cleveland Browns, and others. Before choosing a type of bet, you need to study the rules and features of each type of bet well. And even though spread bets are in demand, it is often difficult to guess the performance, especially for inexperienced players. That is why experts always advise you to study statistics and useful information that will help you earn and not lose your money on bets.