Twitter Reacts to the Return of the GOAT


Unless you have dial-up internet or live under a rock you know that quarterback Tom Brady announced he is coming out of retirement Sunday. Yes, the GOAT is back to handle some “Unfinished Business”.

Local Tweets

We can all relate to this.

The NFC South isn’t happy.

Johnny B is always on point.

WDAE checking in!

This guy should be playing weddings.

A classic…

Off the hook!


Duh Duh Duh, Duh Duh duh.

Frank Caliendo is a national treasure.

You’re a Buccaneers fan and you’re not following Trevor Sikkema? Get your life together.

Wolf of…..

Oh Karen, not quite yet.

Parent-Teacher conferences are the worst.


Probably Common-core.

Like a Boss.

Back from the dead.

Skip representing!

Down like four flat tires.

This checks out.

A conch for Gronk?

The “Nature Boy” Tommy

Oh And That Annoying Saints Guy

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