Did Buccaneers Licht Hint at a Brady Extension?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager and occasional pool jumper Jason Licht recently appeared on the Mad Dog Radio channel on SiriusXM.

During the interview, TV/radio personality Adam Schein asked about Tom Brady’s retirement and subsequent un-retirement.

Adam Schein, Listen, I am curious your mentality after Tom retired. Because, there were a lot of people who didn’t believe it. You obviously, you kind of have to tread lightly. You know there is a chance, as you said, to leave the light on. What was the mentality for you after the original retirement and when did you realize, “OK, we are going to get the GOAT back?”

Licht’s response, “Well, after the original talk we had with him, that I had with him — I know he also called Bruce, others in the organization. I understood and was very supportive of him, for everything he has done for us. Everybody has a moment when they think it might be time. Bruce and I and others in the organization basically, we just decided to give him some space and let him think this through a little bit. We had several phone calls with him. Sometimes talking football, sometimes not. Bruce was heavily involved in that too. When he decided he was going to come back, I have gone on record as saying it was a sense of relief. But we were all just ecstatic that we have a chance to do this again with him and compete for a title again with him. And it has been an awesome two years and hopefully, it will be an awesome three-year-plus if not more than three with him.”

What Did He Just Say?

After hearing Licht’s answer it sure sounds like he’s hinting that Brady may be back for more than just the 2022 season. Then you consider most of the free agent contracts the Buccaneers have done this offseason are three-year deals, it adds to the speculation.

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