Brady to the Dolphins: So much Fish Wrap


Ah, the good old days. When you knew what to do with fake news. You took that newspaper, or in some case, magazine and threw it aside. Knowing that the only value that paper had was to keep from having to touch the stinky fish. Have you ever tried to lift a fish with your cellphone?

Bucs Fans Knew

This is been one helluva offseason for the NFL. If you can even call it that. Deshaun Watson to Cleveland with threats still of “civil” unrest. Russ to Denver. Wentz to Washington. A jump from NFC to AFC, but staying in the South was Matt Ryan. At this point, anything starts to seem plausible.

With Tampa Bay still in euphoric shock over the announced return of the man they call Brady. We may be vigilant, but we are not stupid. That cat doesn’t risk tearing down all that is respectful of the brand, career, and image by manhandling his way to another team. He didn’t do it to exit New England, and won’t to leave Tampa Bay.

By Me A Drink First

Before the NFL media, national sports, any networks, or some jabrone from New England tries to spoil this party, think twice. No, the “entire” gang won’t be back…again. There are new pieces, changing narratives, and a lot of work still to be done. This 2022 season will be again, one of the most exciting in Buccaneers team history. Sign us up!

But we already had to deal with the media prompting Tom Brady to hurry his initial announcement of his retirement. Of which, we may never know if he had truly decided, wanted to try it on for size, or felt compelled to announce because the world was waiting to hear it. Making assumptions that Brady would work to finagle a move to a team after giving his word. In a heartfelt, heart song to his fellow Buccaneer teammates. That’s fishing. And that fish stinks. And if your going to try and get Buccaneer fans to buy that line, better buy us a drink first. And hell, make it a double.

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