New Buccaneers Hall, Goedeke and White Talk About What it Means to be Drafted by Tampa Bay


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The three newest members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all were excited to let their new teammates and the fans know just how excited they are to join a Super Bowl contending team.


(On his interactions pre-draft with the Buccaneers and if they led him to believe he would be selected by team)

“I had a good interaction. I went on a [draft prospect] visit not too long ago, and I got the impression that they really liked me. I knew this was kind of a possibility.”

(On his draft weekend experience)

“It’s really been an amazing process. Obviously, I was a bit anxious. But, I wasn’t too invested on where I would have gone. God has a plan for me and I knew he was going to put me just where I belonged. Really good vibes – just the people I love in the house. Really close family and my agent. So, I’ve been having a blast. I got to see a lot of guys I know that I’ve worked with go early and go in the first [round]. It’s been really cool for me.”

(On reuniting with former college teammate in linebacker Grant Stuard)

“I actually saw him on my [draft prospect] visit kind of half-way through, and we chopped it up for a little bit. If he has messaged me or reached out, I wouldn’t know. My phone is kind of going nuts at the moment. I definitely plan to get with him and chat a little bit more about it. I’ll definitely talk a little bit with him.”

(On his journey and development from college prospect to NFL draftee)

“It’s definitely been a journey. I’ve learned a lot of amazing things from great mentors. I’ve played with some great players and had some really good coaches. I’ve grown a whole lot, I was 220 [pounds]. I’m sitting at about 285 right now. Not only physically have I grown, but I’ve grown as a man. I’ve learned so many things about the game of football and about myself.”

(On having a bully mentality and being a trash talker)

“Thank you. I think I’m a nice guy too – definitely on the field I flip [that] switch. You have to have a different mentality living inside those trenches. I flip the switch pretty quick. I wouldn’t say I’m a big trash talker. I try to conserve my energy – don’t want to waste my air on talking. I definitely play with a bully mentality and try to finish people.”

(On playing three technique and being versatile for the Buccaneers defense)

“Playing three technique is kind of the home position for me. I’m really thrilled to go and play it on this level. I obviously played most snaps at that so I’m really comfortable and I feel like I get pretty good production out there. [But] moving around, playing the five, playing the four – all those things are things I’m really looking forward to.”

(On Todd Bowles defense and what he likes)

“Tampa Bay is kind of multiple on their fronts and that really excites me because I don’t have a cookie cutter fit. I can play in a lot of different fronts. I can be used in a lot of different ways. Playing on that [defensive] line gives me a lot of opportunities to get experience and get an intro and make some plays – I’m really looking forward to that.”

(On NFL players that he models his game after)

“I look up to Arik Armstead a lot. We’re kind of similar in our build and our play style. DeForest Buckner as well. Just big, long guys that play in the interior, are versatile and have some success with it. Those are guys I really enjoy watching [and] I try to model my game after.”

(On playing with QB Tom Brady)

“Man, I’m so fired up. I’ve been watching that guy play my entire life. I told you about the [draft prospect] visit and I got to go see his locker and I was [freaking out] so hard. It was unreal. To be able to meet him person and learn things from him – I’m really fired up.”

(On what he brings to the defense)

“I bring versatility. I bring aggression. I bring a lot of juice to the pash rush.”


(On his physical style of play)

“I really see myself as a guy who is a mean, nasty and relentless guy out there on the field. I’m always looking to bury guys and just put fear into their eyes. That’s really my mentality. I try to play with that demeanor of being just a really nasty guy.”

(On getting drafted to a team that has had success developing offensive linemen)

“Yeah, where you come from doesn’t matter, like the saying, ‘It doesn’t matter how you start, it’s how you finish.’ That really holds true. I’m going to a great franchise [that] has developed top-line offensive linemen throughout the many years. I’m just looking forward to getting to work.”

(On his journey to the NFL)

“It has taken hours upon hours of commitment. I feel like my work ethic is second to none. I started out at a D-3 (Division III) school and had no recruitment process out of high school. I just had to find a way at the end of the day and just bust my tail. Then I ended up making cut-ups of myself and asked for a walk-on opportunity from Central Michigan. They had me out there for a tour and at the end of it they ended up offering me a full scholarship. Then I just worked my tail off at Central [Michigan] and developed from tight end into offensive line, and just developed into who I am today. And now, I’m a Buccaneer.”

(On who he models his game after, and if he gained inspiration from former Buccaneers G Ali Marpet)

“Yeah, us smaller school guys – I feel like we play with a chip on our shoulder at the end of the day. He is definitely an inspiration. I really like watching Braden Smith a lot, the right tackle for the Colts. I just like watching his hand usage. And then Zack Martin for the Cowboys – I really like watching him, just the carnage he creates every play taking it to guys. There are not too many plays where he is not throwing guys onto the ground.”

(On transitioning into an interior offensive line position in the NFL)

“Inside, things just happen quicker. Movement happens quicker – the guy is only like a yard away from you, so you’ve just got to train your eyes better, pass off twists and everything, and just be really quick and really good with your technique.”

(On playing with Buccaneers CB Sean Murphy-Bunting at Central Michigan)

“Yeah, my first year Sean played at Central [Michigan] as well. He was a great player. I was a scout team player at that point, so I was trying to bust my tail against the starting defense. I didn’t see him too much out on the field, but I do remember him. He was a great player and a great leader – a great all-around guy.”

(On his interactions with the Buccaneers coaches)

“What really stood out to me was just the kind of culture I could feel when I had interactions with all of their coaches. I could tell their culture was a winning culture. Super down-to-earth guys, super honest and [they] just want to win a championship and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that. That’s right where I sit with my football values, as well.”

(On transitioning from a tight end to an offensive lineman)

“It’s definitely a different transition. You essentially have to go as fast backwards as you can, while someone is running as fast as they can forward, whereas tight end was always going forward. That was probably the hardest transition for me footwork-wise. I’ve always been athletic, so footwork-wise there was still some stuff I had to learn, but I just did drills religiously to improve my footwork and athleticism.”

(On why he wasn’t heavily recruited out of high school)

“I would say I was kind of just under-developed. I kind of was a late bloomer, if I had to be honest with you. I really kind of developed that summer year after high school. I also played at a really small high school – about 350 kids total. We had ‘Bring Your Tractor to School Day’ and stuff. It wasn’t like there was a bunch of college coaches running to go to Valders, Wisconsin by any means. Regardless, I wasn’t anything to hoot and holler about.”

(On how much he weighed when he graduated from high school and went to college)

“When I graduated high school, I was about 220 [pounds]. I’ve just put on the weight over the years.”

(On blocking for QB Tom Brady)

“Throughout this process everyone always asks you, ‘Who is your dream team?’ To be honest with you the whole time I was like, ‘I don’t really have a dream team.’ But if I had to pick one team, it would be the Buccaneers because of their winning culture they have, and as well, having Tom Brady. I grew up in Wisconsin, obviously, so I had to root for the Packers somewhat, but to be honest with you, I liked the Patriots more because of Tom Brady. This is like a dream come true for me.”


(On playing with QB Tom Brady)

“It’s just going to be a great opportunity. All of this is going to be a great opportunity for me to learn from Tom Brady, step foot in an NFL building – something I’ve been dreaming about my whole life. It’s going to be great. I mean of course, like I said, I’m just grateful and thankful. [I’m] looking forward to the opportunity and [will] do whatever the team needs me to do.”

(On his journey)

“I mean honestly [I’m] grateful. I’m very appreciative of the journey that I took. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s been a long one, but I feel like God does everything. Everything happens for a reason and God took me on that journey. He led me here today. Honestly, I would just say that’s it’s a blessing and a dream come true.”

(On the best thing he will bring to the Buccaneers)

“For me, the best thing I believe I bring to the Bucs is a guy that works hard. You guys have a bunch of guys in the building already that work hard. I feel like with me, you just added another one. A guy that is very humble and hungry. I know [the Buccaneers] stature and what [they] have [done], and what [they] have planned and the coaches and things like that. I feel like I bring a lot of good playmaking, catching the ball out the backfield and really just doing my job. Doing everything that it takes in my job to help the team win.”

(On how much interaction he had with Buccaneers during the draft process and if he thought he would end of in Tampa Bay)

“I had a lot of good interactions. I had a formal interview with them at the draft combine. I had a visit with them. It was just great. I had a lot of interactions. During the draft combine I ended up in the hallway walking past coach [Todd] Bowles and we ended up having a conversation and chopping it up from one coach to a ballplayer. Now it’s the third time that I’m running into him and third time that I’ll be able to see him, so third time is the charm. We had great conversations and things like that. Thinking they’d pick me? Honestly, I’m the type of guy – I didn’t know who would pick me. I just wanted an opportunity, get my foot in the door and work for everything that I’m trying to accomplish.”

(On his impressions of RB Leonard Fournette)

“I know Leonard Fournette’s been in the league for a good amount of years now and I respect his game a lot. I know he comes to work hard. You can tell by his body of work and what he’s done in the NFL. I’m going to be grateful and thankful to have him, and I believe Giovani Bernard is in that room. They’re good guys to pick their brains in order to help me sustain the level of success and stay in the league as long as they have.”

(On if he met with Bruce Arians at the combine)

“No. I do not believe I met with coach Arians at the combine.”

(On NFL players his game resembles)

“For me growing up I watched Le’Veon Bell a lot. I watched Jamaal Charles a lot. I watched Arian Foster a lot. [They] would all be my three backs I like to watch a lot. I still watch their highlights. I’m just kind of a football junkie. [I’ll] be on YouTube watching guys’ highlights when it comes to older backs and things like that. I feel like I try to be me. You take bits and pieces and knowledge of the backs in the league, but I try to be me. I leave the similarities and things and who they feel I model my game after to the people of the world.”

(On his college coach Herm Edwards and his comparing him to Marcus Allen)

“I mean I feel like everybody has their opinion and of course coach Herm’s opinion is very credible because of what he’s done. I had a great relationship with coach Herm. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. He has taught me a lot and helped me to get to where I’m at today. He just really helped me be me. Just become more understanding of being a mature man, and when I [say] that, I have a daughter, things like that. So just being a father, just being a good human being in society and things will play out how they’re supposed to.”

(On where he watched the draft)

“I’m in Arizona. I stayed in Arizona. I’m at my God uncle’s and auntie’s house. They have a pretty good house and I [had] a good amount of family that came in town. We all just watched. At the time that I got the call from Mr. [Jason] Licht – they have a little miniature golf in their backyard. I’ve never golfed before, so I was actually hitting some putts. They have a little basketball goal back there so I was shooting some shots and betting my cousin like a dollar that I would hit a shot from this far or whatever. It was just having fun and things like that.”

(On how old his daughter is)

“Eight months.”

(On when he worked at Bob’s Furniture Warehouse and how motivated he was to make a life for his daughter)

“I was very motivated. But football for me, football in itself motivates me. I’m a guy that loves football. This is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid. Everything I do in life, regardless, it could be the little simple thing; me and my boys, ‘Let’s see who can eat this food the fastest’. I’m a competitor. Football for me just brings the joy to life. I want to be the best. Whatever incentives come with that I’ll be grateful for, but honestly, I just want to be the best. I put in a lot of time. I put in a lot of work and I’m going to keep doing that.”

(On his patience and if that is the best attribute of his game that led to touchdowns last year)

“Yes sir. I think I have been blessed and gifted by God to have patience and vision. I mean for me it played a role obviously in my skill. I give credit to a lot of my teammates that I played with. I think everybody was doing their job, which helped me do my job easier and I wanted to make my teammates around me better. I tried to help them do their job easier, so yes, I’d say it played a role.”

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