Could the Buccaneers Play on Thanksgiving in Dallas?


Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady does not want a farewell tour! Besides, is 2022 even his last season. But even if the GOAT says no farewell tour, would the NFL truly oblige?

Why Not Thanksgiving 

Everybody knows the best thing about the Thanksgiving holiday is the football, and the family, but definitely in that order. It’s not that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade isn’t a “thing”. Starting the holiday with the legendary parade is a must. That’s part of it. Just like the Turkey, stuffing, desserts, family, and the rest of the holiday season to come.

But with the Buccaneers scheduled to play at Dallas in 2022? Coupled with the very real possibility that season #23 could be Brady’s last. How could the schedule makers, computer algorithms, and the shield pass up, the chance to put the Buccaneers on the Thanksgiving slate, against “Americas team”? Tom Brady has a history with playing on Thanksgiving. It was on Thanksgiving that he saw his first action and first pass as a professional in 2000. A blowout loss to the Detroit Lions, 34-9. He’s also had success on this day. Brady has logged the wins as well as the Turkey legs. There’s history here.

Revenge Is A Dish

With Tampa Bay having dismissed the Cowboys right out of the gate in 2021. Beating them at home in the 2021 NFL opener. You can almost see a direct correlation between why the Boys could host the Bucs on Thanksgiving Day 2022, and why the drama might be thick as all hell by then.

The Dallas Cowboys, fighting for dominance in an NFC East that has improved. Hosting the turkey day game as they always do in late November. A chance to get a little home cooking and maybe a chance to give Tampa Bay a dogfight on national television. Hell, on world television, as we all know, even if other countries don’t necessarily celebrate OUR Thanksgiving. They celebrate great football. And honestly, the games usually on the Thanksgiving slate are very entertaining.

We will find out this Thursday, just what the 2022 schedule will be. Then we can plan the parties and schedule the tailgates. Mark out the weekends that the Buccaneers go to war. All is well. But be prepared to be hosting a family party just in case. Because the Buccaneers play in Dallas in 2022. And wouldn’t it just be like the shield to maximize that fact with a Buccaneers Thanksgiving day game in big “D”.

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