Buccaneers’ Brady Trolls Josh Allen After Bills’ QB Takes Shot at His Golf Game


Throughout the offseason, Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady and Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen have gone back and forth on social media trash talking each other.

The two haven’t held back in taking swipes at each other. Whether it be on the football field, social media, or during a nationally broadcast golf match. Although there has never been any genuine hostility between the two, it is obvious that Brady and Allen love making each other uncomfortable.

Appearing on a Barstool Sports podcast recently, Allen was asked to rank the four quarterbacks that competed in “The Match”. The Bills’ quarterback and hater of coin flips listed Aaron Rodgers, Himself, Patrick Mahomes and after a long pause added Brady’s name.

Not long after the podcasts airing Brady decided to respond via social media.

“Love this confidence after moving to 0-5 all time head to head. This is why Josh will succeed in this league!”

Allen is 0-4 against Brady dating back to Brady’s days in Nrw England. Add in an 0-1 record against Brady in golf and Allen looks to have been “GOAT’d”.

The issue for Allen here is, you can’t really trash talk a guy you’ve never beaten, at anything. Then factor in the only way Allen can get a win versus Brady would be in the Super Bowl. And to get to the Super Bowl Allen and the Bills would most likely have to beat the Chiefs first, which isn’t a coin flip.

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