Buccaneers’ Rookie Goedeke, “I’ll Do Whatever it Takes”


Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie guard Luke Goedeke has a reputation of being a bit of a badass. The guy has literally called himself a “glass-eater” during his introductory press conference as a Buccaneer.

This doesn’t appear to be a facade, it’s just who Goedeke is. The rookie out of Central Michigan was recently on Tampa’s sports radio WDAE where he elaborated on this.

“All throughout my childhood, I was always an aggressive kid. I mean, going up through elementary and middle school, I mean I hate to say it but I’d get in fights daily with kids. I’d be the kid on the playground, we’d be playing football on the concrete, I’d be tackling kids and stuff like that.”

Goedeke talked a little more about his violent nature in an interview with The Spun back in February.

“I pride myself on kicking the guy’s ass across from me. A lot of times that’s my mentality. At any cost, I need to kick this guy’s ass no matter what. That’s my mentality. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Buccaneers’ fans will undoubtedly embrace Goedeke as a fan favorite, in the same way they’ve done with center Ryan Jensen. Having nastiness on the offensive line is a good thing and the Bucs get more of that from the rookie Goedeke.

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