Erin Andrews Recruited Tom Brady to FOX


Tampa Bay girl makes good. Every time we see Erin Andrews locking down that sideline NFL coverage, There is a local pride that permeates. It turns out she’s one hell of a recruiter as well.

What is it With Brady and Tequila

You know what happens when you take one part GOAT, add tequila, shake it up on a boat. Trophy’s fly. It also turns out when you take FOX NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews and add ample amounts of tequila, you pitch Tom Brady to come to the FOX booth.

While on vacation in Montana with husband, Jarret Stoll, Andrews received word that Troy Aikman would be joining  ESPN for the 2022 NFL season. After apologizing to her better half and consuming copious amounts of tequila, Andrews elaborated.

“I’m not gonna lie, I went out that night in Montana, and my husband and I went to our favorite bar and I consumed a lot of tequila. I then apologized to my husband because this was supposed to be the vacation we didn’t talk on our phones, but everybody’s just calling each other from our crew, we’re calling our bosses at Fox, we’re just like, What the heck? At this point Tom was retired, I may or may not have put a text out there or a DM or whatever and just said, ‘Hey, what are you doing next year? You wanna be part of our crew? I just told him how fun it was and how great our crew was. I placed a call to one of my bosses at Fox and said, ‘Full disclosure, I’ve had a lot of tequila. Why not try to hit it out of the park here with Tom?”

Referring to hiring the Buccaneers quarterback to being a FOX analyst. An announcement of which would come later.

Local Girl Makes Good

Growing up right in Valrico, Florida. Attending Bloomingdale High School. Going on to graduate from the Universoty of Florida. Erin Andrews success has always felt to Tampa Bay fans like one of us made it. This may also have to do with dad, Steve Andrews. One of the best broadcast journalists, and a fixture for so long at WFLA. Coming into our homes many nights a week, reporting that needed to be known. Saying what needed to be said.

Now, daughter Erin brings the vital information and journalistic broadcasting from the NFL sidelines. Feeling right in so many ways. A chip of the old block. A local girl made good. And as it turns out, one hell of a recruiter. To get Tom Brady. A cat that had trouble just four months ago, figuring out what to do this year. Agreeing to a decade of service to the analyst booth after his playing career.

I guess you can say that reporting the news just runs in the family.

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