Poking Holes in the Cowherd’s Buccaneers Trading for Garoppolo Scenario


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback depth chart is set for the 2022 season. But what about next year? Would Tom Brady decide to stay in Tampa another year? Is Kyle Trask ready to take the helm? If not, can the Bucs compete with Blaine Gabbert leading the offense? Lots of questions, several good and bad answers. Including this scenario that would reunite Brady with a former backup.

Recently on “The Herd” hosted by the greatness that is Colin Cowherd the subject of 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo came up. Garoppolo’s contract is up after this season and with the 49ers recently drafting Trey Lance, the writing is on the wall for Garoppolo.

“You could bring him to Tampa behind Brady,” Cowherd stated. “Just say, ‘Hey, Kyle Trask isn’t ready next year, we are going to bring in Jimmy to back him up.’ I don’t know if the finances work, I haven’t looked at that. But to me, it would work solely because of Jimmy. I don’t know if Tom would like it, but Jimmy would be fine with it.”

Cowherd Continued,

“Jimmy Garoppolo is the world’s best bridge quarterback,” Cowherd stated. “He wins, he has been in good games, he’s not that expensive, he’s willing to be a backup, he’ll never screw you at the podium, everybody in the room likes him, he’s got dude quality. He has gone into Lambeau and beaten [Aaron Rodgers],” Cowherd went on. “He has played in cold weather and hot weather. He has played Mahomes in a Super Bowl. And he is good in the locker room.”

OK, when you put it that way, it sounds like a no-brainer. But let’s look at the reality of the situation. Garoppolo’s contract this season is a $26.95 million dollar cap hit, so right off the bat the 49ers would have to agree to pay a large portion of his salary. Then there’s the compensation package the 49ers would want for Garoppolo’s rights. That could be as high as a third-round pick. Unless as Cowherd thinks that the 49ers are at a point of desperation in shedding Garoppolo. Last, but hopefully not least, how would this help or hinder Kyle Trask’s development? And, would trading for Garoppolo be a sign that Trask isn’t ready? You also can’t overlook that Garoppolo is coming off of recent shoulder surgery and may not be 100% by the start of the season.

But Wait, There’s More…

Trask didn’t exactly light it up in the 2021 preseason, but that’s preseason. We’ve heard Buccaneers’ coaches praise Trask’s development, but that’s yet to be seen in live action. The flip side of that is, Trask apparently didn’t develop enough for those same coaches to put him ahead of Gabbert. At least not yet.

The Blaine Game

We’re not going to pile on Gabbert here. He’s a proven backup in this league. But let’s be honest, with Gabbert at the helm, this team is scratching and clawing for a playoff birth at best. With all due respect to Gabbert, that’s going to be a hard pass.

At the end of the day the Buccaneers should sit this one out. Yes Garoppolo has had success in this league, but he is coming off shoulder surgery. That combined with what we previously mentioned and Garoppolo needing a contract extension after this season is enough reason to pass on this.

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