Buccaneers’ Stat Prediction: Inside Linebackers


The most versatile position group on the field is no doubt the linebackers. They not only have to be good against the pass, but they have to stay disciplined against the run. The Buccaneers seem to always have a good linebacker group and that’s no different this year as they have two of the top ten linebackers according to league executives. 

Buccaneers linebackers Lavonte David and Devin White/via Icon Sportswire
Buccaneers’ linebackers Lavonte David and Devin White/via Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire

Lavonte David 

To put it frankly, Lavonte David is one of the best Bucs’ player ever and one of the most underrated in the entire league. Over the past decade, we have seen guys like Bobby Wagner and Luke Kuechly garner media hype for being elite players, David hasn’t gotten that hype, although he’s played at the same level. David hasn’t seemed to have lost a step going into his 11th season.  

Stat line prediction: 90 tackles, 2 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles

Devin White 

One of the most controversial players in all the NFL,  Devin White, might be the most confusing one to breakdown. Drafted in 2019 with the fifth overall pick, White was a game changer immediately with his range and play making ability. In 2020, White earned his first All-Pro selection and was a force in the playoffs, leading to the Buccaneer’s second Super Bowl in franchise history.

The controversy is whether he is actually good. According to PFF, he is one of the worst starting linebackers in the league. But if you ask league executives he’s a top 10 linebacker in the league. I believe that both of these takes are wrong. When you pair an aggressive player like Devin White with an elite player like Lavonte David, it becomes a match made in heaven. Every over step White makes, David is always there to clean up the mess. With all this being said, I expect White to have another year of elite level play. 

Stat line prediction: 120 tackles, one interception, 3 forced fumbles 


The Bucs have the best one-two line backing core in the NFL. They are nearly a perfect fit for each other and prove it when they are on the field. Out of all the position groups on the team, this group should be the least of the team’s worries. 

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