What Role Do the Young Buccaneers’ Players Have in 2022?


Buccaneers’ fans were devastated when Tom Brady retired back in February. Brady has three NFL MVP awards and 7 Super Bowl rings. His decision sent a ripple effect through the league.

However, things changed only 40 days later. Brady is now back and, even though he is 45, the expectations are still very high for his Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Some wonder if his age will affect his game. When you enter a season with a quarterback that is 45 years old, there are bound to be some concerns about his age. 

There’s another important factor to consider, though, one that makes the odds of the Buccaneers success significantly higher. That is the younger players recently added to the team. Even though Brady is the most successful player on the team, this year there are some amazing players that play alongside him. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the young players on the team and how they’ll contribute to winning.

But first, let’s see what young footballers have as an option when they decide to retire from their team. 

Education Helps 

Student athletes, such as football players, are often enrolled at a university when they do professional sports. This is a big challenge for them since, in the midst of practice, it is very hard to study for exams, write endless papers, or submit personal statements to enroll in a new educational level. Thankfully, good grades are much easier to get today thanks to expert writers. You can now use a university personal statement service for professional help and get quality personal statement writing services for student-athletes. 

Over the years, we’ve gotten the impression that education does not go hand-in-hand with professional sports. Athletes hardly have the time to dedicate on their studies, so many of them quit school to pursue this career. Even so, this doesn’t have to be the case today. As a matter of fact, education can help professional footballers’ future greatly. This builds up important skills in their life, not to mention gives them something to do when they retire from their professional athlete career. 

Most Promising Young Players For The Buccaneers

To better understand why the odds are in favor of Buccaneers, we better go through the list of top young players in the team. 

Joe Tryon-Shoyinka

The team recently made the decision not to re-sign Jason Pierre-Paul for another season. This puts Joe Tryon-Shoyinka in the position to be one of the tone-setters for the defense. Tryon-Shoyinka, a first round selection in the NFL Draft in 2021 of the team, looks to be up to the task.

Tryon is a multifaceted player, something that every team needs and wants. He played multiple positions last season and finished with 10 quarterback hits, three passes defensed, five tackles for loss, and 4.0 sacks in 560 defensive snaps. 

After his successful season, he now becomes a key defender – and is definitely one to watch this season!

Mike Edwards

Next on our list is Mike Edwards. The Buccaneers gave him an opportunity to strengthen his full-time role in the secondary by letting Jordan Whitehead leave via free agency. He was drafted in 2019 and ever since, Edwards was used as a rotational safety and corner in nickel packages. 

During his time with the team, Edwards posted two defensive touchdowns, five interceptions, one forced fumble, 18 passes defensed, and a total of 102 combined tackles. This versatile player can do a lot, and is definitely one of the best young members of the team right now. 

Jaelon Darden

Last but not least, we have Darden, the club’s return specialist from last season. During his rookie year, Darden had sux catches for 43 yards. He totaled three offensive snaps even after injuries from last year, and drew praise in the NFL.

Wrapping Up

The list of great players doesn’t end here, of course. The team is a balanced combination of great young players including Logan Hall, Luke Goedeke, the left guard battle, as well as names like Rachaad White and Cade Otton. We can expect great things this season and the odds are in the Buccaneers’ favor!

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Mary Cardoza is the daughter of a sports judge, a person that has grown with sports since her youngest age. She’s a sports writer today, a journalist for many publications, as well as a freelance content writer for a prestigious company. 

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