Buccaneers’ Tryon-Shoyinka Game Review vs. Miami


Buccaneers’ head coach Todd Bowles has always been great at putting players in positions where they will succeed. With Joe Tryon-Shoyinka, he realizes the athletic ability is off the charts, and he is about to match anyone who is in the backfield.

Last year, in the Wild Card round against the Eagles, Bowles used Tryon-Shoyinka to neutralize Jalen Hurts. He played a lot of contain and even some spy during that game. 

Todd Bowles implemented a lot of that when playing the Titans. Tryon-Shoyinka was able to contain rookie quarterback Malik Willis all game long. 

Behind The Tape 

Tryon-Shoyinka will always be recognizable on the film because of the way he is deployed in this defense. He was everywhere against the Titans. Every other play he was in the back field wreaking havoc. 

Tryon-Shoyinka’s first impactful play and one of the most impressive came on 4th and 2 during the Titan’s first drive. There seemed to be a miscommunication up front and the Titans let him through, after a couple of missed tackles from K.J Britt and Anthony Nelson, Tryon-Shoyinka found himself 1-on-1 with Willis. He tackled him two yards behind the line of scrimmage and gave the ball back to the offense. 

His second tackle for loss came on 2nd and 11 late in the first. The Titans ran zone to the left and Tryon-Shoyinka instantly beat the left tackle and met the running back in the backfield for the loss. These types of plays kill drives and can spark momentum. Seeing these types of plays already shows how bright the future is. 

The last play I want to highlight was a 5-yard gain in the first by Hassan Haskins. This play may seem like a loss for the Buccaneers, but if Tryon-Shoyinka didn’t make the play, it could’ve gone to the house. He was the backside support, so the offense left him unblocked, and he immediately recognized it. He did what coaches around the country say and shot down the line and saved the play. The effort all games was off the charts.

Final Thoughts 

Tryon-Shoyinka is proving to be all the value that we sought after in the 2020 draft. Last season, we saw him get better after every rep last year.  His effort and high motor paired with his raw skill set will make him a problem for opposing defense this season. He’s still raw and unpolished, but once he gets going, it looks like the sky is the limit.

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