Buccaneers’ Fournette Drops Crying Jordan Meme on Cowboys’ Parsons


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers ran over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football 19-3. The game was an example of defensive dominance by the Bucs’ Gravediggers defense. So why is Cowboys’ linebacker Micah Parsons the one trending?

Karen Meet, Michelle, Michelle Meet, Karen

Michelle (Micah) Parsons took to Twitter to complain about getting hit…. in a football game…. yes I’m serious!

Yes, the guy that makes a living rushing and hitting the passer from the blindside is upset about a supposed blindside hit by Leonard Fournette. Small problem with this, it wasn’t a blindside hit, and it was totally within the rules. Buccaneers’ head coach Todd Bowles dismissed Parsons’ complaint.

Fournette wasn’t having it and responded with the Jordan Crying meme,

Sadly, Buffalo’s Von Miller and his ridiculous haircut decided to join the Michelle/Karen movement tweeting,

Remember when Miller was fined $25,000 for a low hit on Buccaneers’ quarterback Josh Freeman? Pepperidge Farms remembers. So you can understand if Miller’s tweet was met with a collective eye-roll.

Players like Michelle Parsons and Miller literally are paid to hit players from the blindside. These are “men” who willing hit offensive players who are being held up by other defenders. But yet cry like school girls when the tables are turned.

Parsons’ got caught and went directly to his feelings on Twitter after the game to whine. So I ask, Michelle, why didn’t you confront Fournette… I dunno… when you were on the field, in person, man to man? Don’t bother answering, we’ve already figured you out.

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