Five Things the Bucs Could Have Tried to Stop Aaron Rodgers


The Bucs’ defense played really well against the Packers in Sunday’s late afternoon matchup with the legendary Aaron Rodgers, but it wasn’t quite enough to come away with the victory, as the offense could only muster a single touchdown for the third consecutive game to start the season. Let’s look into some fun ways the Bucs could have slowed down or stopped Aaron Rodgers.

Do that Split-Season Thing and Play Their Home Opener in Canada

Man, if only that split-season idea that the Rays had could have happened for the Bucs. Then the Bucs could have played half their games in Canada, and what better week to do that with than the game against the most immunized man on the planet? Although then the Bucs would have been without Cole Beasley and who knows where the Bucs would have been without his 3 catches for 12 yards…

Traded for Jimmy G

Jimmy G has beaten Aaron Rodgers twice in the playoffs over the past 3 seasons, and while you can give most  (all) of the credit to the 49ers incredibly deep roster as opposed to Garoppolo’s actual performances, it still could have done the Bucs some good. But hey, Rodgers wouldn’t have turned the ball over (and that’s the real victory, not who scored more points). 

Give the Packers Another First Rounder to Use on a QB

Hey, Kenny Pickett was available this year and taken in the first round by the Steelers. And you know what’s better than having 1 first round pick sit behind a legendary quarterback for 3 years to start his career? Having 2 first round picks sit behind an elite quarterback for 3 years to start their careers. 

Take away Rodgers’ Supply of Ayahuasca (which “isn’t a drug” according to Rodgers)

I mean, I don’t really know how important Ayahuasca is to Rodgers’ play, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Ask Him to Quote MLK Again When Talking About his Vaccination Status

Ok, maybe this won’t really do anything to stop him on the field, but the fact that he not only misquoted MLK by saying that King said “‘You have a moral obligation to object to unjust rules and rules that made no sense’”’ still cracks me up. I mean, to misquote him by claiming that a brilliant public speaker like MLK would say a phrase like “rules that make no sense” while also implying that King’s fight for the Civil Rights Movement is similar to Rodgers’ fight to remain unvaccinated is… well, it’s something else. 

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