Buccaneers’ Brady, “I’m Not the Only Adult in the Entire League That’s Throwing Temper Tantrums”


To say Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady wasn’t thrilled with the outcome of Sunday’s game against the Packers would be an understatement. But to Brady’s credit, no tablets were harmed.

Brady is a notoriously competitive guy, sometimes showing more emotion that he’d like I’m sure. These emotions were on front street during their week two victory in New Orleans. Brady smashed, spiked and generally obliterated two of the team’s sideline tablets.

Brady received a gift from the Buffalo Bills’ offensive coordinator Sunday. The gift was focus, the fact that the focus on Brady’s tablets beat downs has been diverted to Dorsey’s meltdown in the booth against the Dolphins.

Brady was great full when he addressed this on his Let’s Go! podcast.

“I’m not the only adult in the entire league that’s throwing temper tantrums,” Brady stated.  “So thank you, Ken, for taking me off the hook.”

Brady can definitely understand where Dorsey’s head went.

“I know exactly what he was feeling. Absolutely. Well, there’s so much emotion. You feel like you’re in a battle out there and it’s a physical battle and it’s just so, I mean, you’ve got to get the emotion out and I know it should be poised and yeah, there’s moments and sometimes it just boils over. I’d rather have it boil over on the sideline than on the field, you know? And sometimes it’s a little bit of both. . . . Sometimes our emotions get the best of us and you’ve got to live with it for the rest of your life. So that’s OK. It’s better to have that feeling and emotion because it feels like you’re alive. You know, you could be dead and not feel anything. So I choose to be alive and feel everything.”

Football as in all sports is an emotionally taxing game. The preparation that goes into each play hinges on everyone doing their job. Frustration rears it’s head when one simple mistake ruins all the preparation put forth.

Brady hasn’t gone quite as far expressing his frustration as Dorsey did. But with the Buccaneers struggling with injuries and subsequently scoring points, we may see Brady going full “Dorsey” sooner than later.

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