Defensive Point of Attack: Buccaneers vs Chiefs


It’s no surprise that the Kansas City Chiefs offense is looking potent once again. But for Tampa, this weekend’s goal is a repeat of Super Bowl LV and total defensive domination. Here are some thoughts on how that can be done.

Chiefs’ Offensive Weapons

It’s not a secret that Travis Kelce is the premier weapon in the Chiefs offense this season. He was the top receiver in weeks one and two with catches and yards while scoring a touchdown in every game so far. Meanwhile, the new receiving corps headlined by JuJu Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Mecole Hardman is missing a spark. Tyreek Hill is gone and the receivers left are showing why he was so dynamic. Ultimately this offense seems like it is missing something.

Through three weeks the Chiefs offense is on pace to throw 20 or more yards down field 24% less than they did last season. A possible reflection of Hill being gone. Now that’s not to say this team is not dynamic and potent. But it’s certainly not the team that got them to the Super Bowl twice. This could play well into the Buccaneers hands.

Grave Diggers

So far this season the Buccaneers defense has been nothing short of championship caliber. Here in week four they look to face their biggest test yet. The key is keeping Patrick Mahomes contained and under a 70% completion percentage. Six of his last nine losses Mahomes has completed less than 70% percent. Something the secondary will really hone in on.

Outside of Kelce the best receiver grade per PFF is Hardman at 62.6 while the average grade across the Buccaneers secondary is 76. Kansas city has a heavy pass focused offense, 68 rushing attempts (including Mahomes scrambles) to 110 passing attempts. If the Buccaneers secondary can lock down the field much like weeks one through three, the Buccaneers may repeat the Super Bowl performance defensively.

Final Thought

Again, this is a true test for the defense. They will need a good showing here to solidify the idea that they can bring a championship home. Unfortunately, it’s the offense holding them back right now. Can the team out together a complete game?

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