Buccaneers’ Bowles on Chiefs’ Loss, “They Kicked Our Butts All Over the Field”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers started slow Sunday night against the Chiefs and never recovered. The final score of 41-31 doesn’t show how much the Chiefs dominated the Bucs in prime-time.

Head coach Todd Bowles addressed the media following the game. Choosing to put the blame on himself and scoffed at the impact Hurricane Ian had on the team preparing for the game.

“They kicked our butts all over the field”

Bowles went on to say the defense failing to contain Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes contained led to Kansas City’s explosion on offense.

The story somewhat changed during Bowles’ weekly radio show Tuesday. Bowles admitted all the distractions surrounding the hurricane affected the team’s preparations.

“The biggest thing is preparation and practice,” he stated. “You’ll play how you practice. With all the movement last week, I don’t think we prepped as well as we should have or as well as some people could have. But preparation will be key this week.”

We’re not going to rake Bowles over the coals for pivoting from one reason to another. The fact is he was right on both accounts. Yes, the hurricane threw a monkey wrench into preparations. And yes, the Chiefs kicked the Buccaneers butts. Both can, and are true.

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Big Game Sports Buzz with former Buccaneers' great James Cannida
Big Game Sports Buzz with former Buccaneers’ great James Cannida

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