Unpacking Devin White’s Postgame Comments


Often players across the NFL will give anticipated and scripted responses to questions. Leaving the media and fans unimpressed and no more informed about a situation than before the question was asked. But on a few occasions, some players will give an honest answer that opens the door for fans as to what is going on in an organization. Devin White may have done just that.

The Comments

As first reported by Greg Auman of The Athletic, White had some comments for after the game concerning the Falcons’ attempt at a comeback. White gave the following response; “we just have to have a come-together moment to make sure we finish the game but, you know, obviously when you’re beating a team, kind of imposing your will on them, it can get boring and you can get less aggressive.” Though an honest answer it leaves some things open for interpretation.

The Concern

One word comes to mind when I hear this statement. Complacency. On an actual battle field with lives on the line complacency kills. The enemy is afforded an opportunity to perform corrective actions, improve a defense, or mount a counter offensive. Though you may be winning the battle complacency can lose you the war.

Unfortunately the current offensive struggles it leaves the defense with no room for complacency. In this NFL a team can find a way to quickly strike and change the momentum of a game and its outcome in a rather short period of time. Even with little time remaining in a game no lead is safe.

If the defense becomes over confident and egotistic, letting their foot come off the gas could be catastrophic.

Bulletin Board Material

By no means are the Buccaneers as a team living up to expectations or the best team in football right now. Giving teams bulletin board material and extra motivation to beat the Buccaneers is counter intuitive. White, Shaquil Barrett, and other players have said things to the media that we know get around to other teams. Case in point are the the comments about the Chiefs offense and their line leading up to the game. There was a complete defensive collapse and the Chiefs won. Afterwards the Chiefs offense even alluded to the comments.

If I’m the staff I’m telling the team to not give an opponent anything to feed off of. Be a quite professional.

Final Thought

It’s not an overreaction to look deeply into these comments and come away a little disappointed. But I do admire White’s authenticity and candor in the moment. Also, and a good sign, White spoke first to the fact the defense recognized the issue and needs to work this out to prevent it from happening again. I believe the defense will do just that.

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