Buccaneers’ Bowles: Brady Didn’t Miss Anything, He Had A Full Week Of Practice


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady took off to New York Friday to attend New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft’s wedding.

Brady missed the team’s walkthrough on Saturday as well. Then on Sunday, the offense came out flat against the Steelers. This brought out speculation that Brady’s absence might have hurt the offenses chemistry. Head coach Todd Bowles shot this narrative down in his postgame press conference.

Bowles stated, “absolutely not” that Brady’s absence was a factor in the team’s red zone struggles. “No, he didn’t miss anything. He had a full week of practice,” Bowles said to the media.

Absences have been a storyline surrounding Brady since his hiatus during training camp. This line of thinking has merit, but I’ll ask, if Brady missing a walkthrough on Saturday had this devastating of an effect on the offense I’d say the offense has more problems than a missed walkthrough.

Buccaneers vs Steelers Postgame Show

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