Carter’s Corner: 5 Organizations More Competent Than This Bucs Offense


Looking for unsolicited sarcastic opinion pieces that are hypocritical in nature due to the writer’s constant criticism of a league that he still covers and enjoys? Welcome to Carter’s Corner!

This Bucs offense is one of the worst groups in football. They lack creative vision in the playcalling, their running game is nonexistent, and Tom Brady looks as disinterested in football as he was in 2019, his last season in New England. 

So here are 5 organizations that are more competent than the Bucs’ offense. 

The US Government

Rapper Ab-Soul once said “You’ve got progress, you’ve got Congress,” and while truer words have never been spoken, he also could have included the Bucs’ offense in that category. Because put Tom Brady and this offensive line in charge of the country, and they’ll find a way to make things even worse. 

Washington Commander ownership

I would say that the Bucs at least aren’t corrupt, but they did employ Antonio Brown just last season, and they drafted Jameis Winston with the first overall pick. So given the opportunity, the Bucs have clearly shown they would sign Satan if he could block. Maybe Dan Snyder and this Bucs offense aren’t that different, after all. 

The NFL Head, Neck, and Spine Committee

This season has shown just how awful this group actually is at their jobs. From Tua to Cameron Brate, players have been allowed to return to action despite showing clear indications that their brain is in scrambled egg mode. 

McDonald’s ice cream machine maintenance people

Whenever you pull up to McDonald’s, you’re very rarely going to get any ice cream. If Tom Brady, Byron Leftwich and Robert Hainsey are in charge of the ice cream machine? Might as well not even go through the drive thru line…

The Las Vegas Raiders scouting department

Did you know that the Raiders don’t have any first round picks still on their roster from the past 3 drafts? Sure, last season they didn’t have one due to the Davante Adams deal, but they had 3 over 2020 and 2021, and none of them are still on their roster. 

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