Buccaneers’ 2022 Season: Is All Hope Lost?


After seven games, the Buccaneers sit under .500 and are currently the coldest and most dysfunctional team in the league. Just a few weeks ago, before the season started, optimism filled the air and a smile came on my face whenever the Bucs came up in conversation. Now I can hardly watch on Sundays. What happened to them? Why does it seem like this always happens to the Bucs? Is there any hope? 

Last week I said not to hit the panic button because we were going into a matchup against the Panthers, a team Tom Brady has dominated since becoming a Buc. It’s time to hit the panic button. The offense that has endless amounts of superstars can’t move the ball. 

What Is Wrong? 

Last week, I said it was mostly coaching, but the players were also not playing up to par. After rewatching the Panthers game, I hold the opinion that it’s 100% on the coaching. Whether it’s the terrible third and short play calls, or the rotating guard situation, this coaching staff is the problem. They are doing less with more. This isn’t a talent issue, nearly every position has a player who has proven themselves in the NFL. 

I will never write that someone needs to be fired, these are people with families, but something needs to change, whether that’s taking away responsibilities or adding another mind to the room. The people in the organization are smart, but they just aren’t putting it together. Maybe Bruce Arians can come in and steer them the right way, he was the one reportedly putting X’s through their game plans last year. 

I wouldn’t expect any change this week because of the short week, but after Thursday night’s games vs. the Ravens, they have a long week and change can be implemented then. 

Is There Any Hope? 

Yes, they have Brady. This NFL season has been one of the most unpredictable ever. People are writing the Buccaneers off. And that’s fine as those same people have been wrong about teams all season. As long as Tom Brady is in a Buccaneers uniform, there will be hope, people have had this conversation about him every year, and they always regret it. 

In the continental United States, the lowest and highest points are just miles apart. That may sound like gibberish, but metaphorically that should be applied to everyone’s life. Currently, the Buccaneers are at one of the lowest points, coming off a heartbreaking loss, but around the corner should be good moments. 

They will have to find different ways to win, and there’s no doubt that they can. They aren’t playing well now, but they couls seemingly turn the corner at any time. Let Panthers fans have their moment, 10 years from now we’ll laugh at this game and remember it as a key turning point.

What’s Next?

Not every season will be a Cinderella story, and you can’t win every game. The Buccaneers have talent and the greatest quarterback all time. They may have counted the Bucs out, but there is no doubt in my mind, Brady and the Buccaneers will prove them wrong. 

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