Sapp Calls Out Buccaneers’ White, “I’d Ask For Your C Off Your Chest.”


Former Buccaneers’ great and Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp is not a fan of Bucs’ linebacker Devin White.

Sapp recently posted a video breakdown of White’s play against the Baltimore Ravens, and it wasn’t pretty.

“Captain White”

“I want you to watch the effort of the captain right here, No. 45,” Sapp stated in the video. “How do you show up with your defense on Monday morning with this type of effort? I’d ask for your C off your chest.”

White has averaged 100 tackles a season in his first three and a half years. The issue Sapp is taking here is effort and setting an example.

That issue was presented to Buccaneers, head coach Todd Bowles.

“I have no problems with Devin,” Bowles stated to the Tampa Bay Times. “You can point to anybody on this team where you say they weren’t playing well any week of the season, so to pick on Devin is unnecessary.”

There’s a few issues here. Not “playing well” is one thing, loafing is an entire different animal. We, like many outlets have pointed to the team’s lack of passion, fire if you will under Bowles. A distinct difference from the no-holds-barred style of former head coach Bruce Arians. Remember when Arians did what at the time was considered the unthinkable and called out Tom Brady’s play? The entire team took noticed if you remember. How’d that season play out?

At the end of the day, the Buccaneers sit at 3-5 and in second place in the division. A division that doesn’t have a team with a winning record. A division a team with this much talent should be dominating. They aren’t and with little to no accountability being enforced it doesn’t look to get any better.

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