Buccaneers Don’t Expect Jensen Back Anytime Soon


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers started training camp with center Ryan Jensen suffering a knee injury. A serious one. The team almost immediately put him on injured reserve.

The team did so in hopes that Jensen might be able to return for the at least the postseason. We’ve seen players comeback earlier than expected, but as reported, Jensen’s injury was serious.

Buccaneers’ head coach Todd Bowles spoke with the media about this after Wednesday’s practice.

“They haven’t told me anything right now. We’re going without him, we expect to go without him. If he gets better somehow, then we’ll welcome him back.”

Not exactly encouraging, but definitely a typical Bowles’ answer. The rub here is, the longer Jensen has to rehab the better. The issue is, can the Buccaneers stay in contention until Jensen returns? While the offensive line has played better the last few weeks, it’s still not anywhere where it needs to be.

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