Tom Brady’s Future With The Buccaneers Unclear


As the 2022 season is nearing its end, The Buccaneers are at the moment, first in the division and have a spot in the NFC playoffs. That being said, The team’s future with starting quarterback Tom Brady is very unclear. Things can change very quickly, but right now there is no set plan for the marriage to continue beyond 2022.

Up In The Air

Brady is up in the air if he wants to continue playing and has plenty of options off the gridiron. He inked a lucrative deal (10 years, $375 Million) with FOX to become the network’s lead NFL analyst. He also has his TB12 brand and his “BRADY” clothing line that he can put his focus into full-time. Maybe, he will want to just take time for himself and be with his three children, it is all a mystery today.

This season has weighed heavy on Brady’s emotions. He and his wife Gisele Bundchen divorced after 13 years of marriage. Not to mention the team has not played up to its potential all season. At times this season, it was evident that his severe frustration was on display with not only his personal life, but the team, who has been inconsistent all year.

A Great Beginning 

Since signing with the Buccaneers in 2020, Brady is 30-16 with 13,537 passing yards throwing 100 touchdowns and 29 interceptions. So far has taken the Bucs to the playoffs the last two seasons and winning a Super Bowl in 2020. There is a mutual admiration for one another, but will it continue in 2023?

The Buccaneers are projected to have -$45.3 Million in cap space in 2023 and will have to do major roster construction and cap relief to even entertain signing any free agents. Brady will turn 46 years old in August and the team has to decide who they want under center for the foreseeable future. Teams will have interest, but Brady will take his time on what his next move will be.

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