Buccaneers’ Punter Saves The Day


Nothing has come easy for the 2022 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The team had trailed the majority of the game until the fourth quarter. Then with a 30-24 lead and less than a minute to play, it all seemed to come unraveled.

Rookie punter Jake Camarda was set to pin the Panthers deep, then the unthinkable happened. A bad snap rolled to Camarda, he collected the ball and took off, seemingly about to hand the ball to the Panthers nearly in field goal range. Then, Camarda showed us why he was the team’s fourth-round pick.

Scrambling for his life, Camarda actually got the kick off. The punt rolled down inside the Panthers’ five-yard line and was downed. There was a flag on the play and of course it was on the Buccaneers. Crisis averted as the second attempt went off without a hitch and forced a fair catch at the ten-yard line. The game was saved, the division was won, and the Bucs are heading to the playoffs.

In a game full of big plays, Camarda’s may have been the biggest. Kudos to the rookie, now pass the antacid please.

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