Four Plays As Remarkable As Jake Camarda’s Game-Saving “Punt” in Bucs history


Jake Camarda came up with an incredible, remarkable display of athletic ability and awareness on a game-saving punt recovery Sunday afternoon. While it sounds goofy, it saved the game and ultimately gave the Bucs the division for the second consecutive season, the first time in franchise history. So needless to say, this play by Camarda was both impressive and incredibly timely. Here are some other big plays that happened in Bucs history. 

Michael Spurlock Kickoff Return For TD 

Hey, the Bucs hadn’t had a kickoff return for a touchdown until that fateful afternoon at Raymond James, when Michael Spurlock decided to end the franchise curse when it comes to special teams. 

King To Dunn Back To King 

This little lateral may not have been a big gain or a touchdown, but it set up a huge comeback for the Bucs over the Rams in the 2000 season. It was also a really fun play to watch. 

Lars Tate Flipping Touchdown Trot 

Tough not to mention this when discussing Bucs lore. Back in the creamsicle days, Mr. Tate made an amazing rollover move where he managed to prevent his body from being down on his way to the end zone. Pretty dope highlight.

Joe Jurevicius’ Pinball Catch 

In an early-season matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles, the soft-spoken receiver, Jurevicius hauled in a pair of touchdown receptions, the second being the super one where he tipped the pass up and over corner Troy Vincent to make a diving touchdown grab. 

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