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Buccaneers' wide receiver Julio Jones/via buccaneers.com
Buccaneers' wide receiver Julio Jones/via buccaneers.com

Offensive Point Of Attack: Buccaneers vs Cowboys


It’s the playoffs! The records no longer matter. Every week is a must-win. So the Buccaneers are going to rewrite their season with the first game of their 2022 season playoffs. Though the regular season no longer matters there are some things the Buccaneers’ offense can do to get after the Cowboys.

Attacking the Outside

Much like in the week one match attacking the outside will be key. Trevon Diggs and DaRon Bland have been doing their part on the outside in base defenses. It’s once you get into the Cowboys’ depth chart that they start to have issues. Kevin Joseph and Nahshon Wright have been less than stellar. Neither player has a PFF coverage grade over 48 and when on the field should be targeted early and often.

The key here may be Julio Jones. If he can remain on the field, and Mike Evans and Chris Godwin keep the primary corners occupied, he could finally have the big game fan have been looking for. In the first match up he hauled in three of five for 69 yards. An average of 23 yards per catch.

With Evans coming back into the fold against the Panthers he too could have a good game.

The Right Side

Again keeping the Cowboys in the nickel could win this game. In a base defense Demarcus Lawrence is typically lined up on the right side over Tristian Wirfs. But in nickel the Cowboys have lined up Dante Fowler Jr, Dorance Armstrong, with Anthony Barr (at linebacker) on the right. This presents a weakened run defense to the strong side and an opportunity to get the ground game moving.

Final Thought

In order for this to all work the offense needs to identify the package early on each down. Once in nickel the staff needs to get back to what has been a tried and true method for the Buccaneers’ and Tom Brady in the 2020-21 seasons. Play action pass will facilitate the passing attack and eventually open the run game. They’ll also need to take those deep shots on the third corner even if they have some safety help over the top.

Either way this offense CAN NOT look like they have during the regular season.

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Buccaneers +2.5
Cowboys -2.5
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