Sad Ending For Brady And The Buccaneers


This season ended, not with a fiery, close game. There were no fireworks. No late-game heroics. No, like many games this season, the Buccaneers went out with a thud, in a 31-14 loss that was every bit as painful to watch as the score might suggest.

Just a really boring and disheartening performance from these Buccaneers on Monday night.

Struggles Throughout 

For Byron Leftwich, the offensive struggles continued. No, the concerns of this fan base were not based on emotion. They were based on the fact that we all have eyes and can watch this piece of shit gameplan being poorly executed.

For Todd Bowles, his defense struggled to contain an explosive Cowboys offense that picked Tampa Bay apart for over 400 yards and five touchdowns.

For Tom Brady, he’s 45 years old. He looked 60. He missed a bunch of throws, seemed afraid to get hit, and the offensive line did him no favors, as the return of center Ryan Jensen seemed to have no effect on a group that has been one of the worst in football.

Just a perfect encapsulation of what this season was—a bitter, disappointing end to a very fun era that is not likely to be repeated any time soon.

Bleak Future 

The look to the future is a dim one. The Buccaneers have all their picks, but they lack cap space, a capable quarterback, and no real head coach.

Todd Bowles, much like his comments on the NFL’s lack of diversity at the head coaching positions, lacks heart, passion, and seemingly any preparation or due diligence.

Second year, second-string QB Kyle Trask has yet to get an opportunity to show what he’s got, but the opportunity that he might be given next season isn’t a good one. The offensive line is atrocious. Tampa Bay’s weapons are aging and lack explosiveness.

Expectations Were Low, But Holy Crap!

Just a huge letdown. I mean, I was expecting the Bucs to lose and all, but I don’t know that anyone saw a blowout of this proportion coming. Incredibly frustrating and a waste of everyone’s collective time and energy.

Let me go eat a chocolate bar to feel better

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