Buccaneers’ Brady “More Open” To Playing In 2023


The future of Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady has and will be the dominating story heading into the offseason. Will he play? If so, will it be in Tampa or somewhere else. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to round two of the Tom Brady silly season.

Silly Season Engaged 

Reports have it that Brady plans on taking his time making a decision this time. But, (there’s always a but) Brady is reportedly already leaning in one direction.

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero was recently on The Rich Eisen Show were he told host Suzy Shuster that Brady is not opposed to returning in 2023.

“People close to Brady for the last two months have said all his options are on the table. He is showing that he seems more open to coming back and playing another year than he did certainly a year ago at this time when he retired and unretired.”

Following the 31-14 loss in the NFC Wild Card Round to the Dallas Cowboys, Brady stated that he’s taking this decision process “one day at a time”. Pelissero pointed out there are many factors that will come into play for Brady and his decision. The speculation as to where Brady would go has been ramping up at a rapid rate as expected.

Reports & Rumors

Reports have linked Brady to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami and even Carolina. Most of these rumors pop up due to the narrative that Brady will join former Saints’ head coach Sean Payton wherever he lands. As Pelissero notes, Brady is in fact human and his family’s location could play into his decision process.

“He’s also a human being, and that’s never been more evident than it is right now. So he has some very human decisions that he needs to make, and I would anticipate that he’s going to make them relatively expediently because just like last year when he came back on the eve of free agency, Tom Brady knows if he comes back, he’s only coming back for one thing, which is to try to win another championship. And you can’t do that if you decide in June or July to come back and the rosters are already set and you have no flexibility to build the team the way you want it.”

The Buccaneers recently fired their offensive coordinator and eight additional coaches, most of which were on the offensive side of the ball. Was This move in an effort to sway Brady to stay in Tampa by allowing him to hand pick his offensive coaching staff? That seems short-sighted considering Brady may only play another year or so. Then again, it is Tom Brady.

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