Report: Buccaneers Were The Only Team For Brady


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen recently retired from the team. In a recent interview with WTVT FOX-13’s Kevin O’Donnell, Christensen backed-up the report that Tom Brady was never interested in hitting the free agent market in 2023. The decision for Brady was either continue with the Buccaneers or retire.

“That’s hard for a guy like him that loves football and loves playing and loves his family,” Christensen stated via “It’s a natural conflict that all coaches and all players tend to go through.”

Christensen continued,

“He loved Tampa.” Christensen stated. “He loved the organization. I think he loved his teammates. I really always believed it was going to be [a choice of convenience]. He could take off on a Tuesday and go pick up his kids from school and then be back here and still get his work done. I think it was Tampa. He loved living here. It was extremely practical from his family situation.”

The day after Brady’s retirement, ESPN’s Jeff Darlington tweeted out that like Christensen had stated, Brady’s decision was the Bucs or retirement. Darlington went on to note that Brady was “exhausted”. This tracks as Brady had possibly one of the most brutal offseasons he’s had in his professional career. The “heartbreaking” divorce from Gisele Bündchen, the whole AB trolling thing, the FTX fallout, oh and he’s 45-year-old.

So as these reports state, it was never about Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas or New England, it was always been about Tampa.

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