Realistic 3rd-Round Draft Prospects for the Buccaneers


As we continue on our quest to find the perfect draft for the Buccaneers as they embark on their journey to build a competent team following Tom Brady’s retirement, we encounter the third round.

The third round is where a lot of magic can happen. Joe Montana, Russell Wilson, Terrell Owens, these guys (and many other tremendous players) were all third round selections. Not to say the Buccaneers are going to find that caliber of player, but hey, crazier things have happened.

Without further ado, here are my 5 realistic third-round selections the Bucs could select with their 82nd overall pick.

DeMarvion Overshown, LB, Texas

Overshown was originally supposed to be a safety for the Longhorns but made the transition to the linebacker position due to his amazing size and athletic ability. He’s an incredibly versatile guy, with a proficiency in tackling, sideline to sideline speed, and in coverage. Where he is severely lacking is in play recognition, but because of his raw ability, the Bucs would be very wise to take a chance on Overshown in the third round.

Jaelyn Duncan, Tackle, Maryland

Duncan provides tremendous size and experience to the left tackle position, as he’s been Maryland’s starter since 2019. The main questions with him are with his technique, as he was able to succeed at the college level due to his combination of size and athletic ability. Like many guys picked in the third-fifth round range, he’s a bit of a project guy. If the Bucs wanted to take Duncan, they might sign a cheap veteran to allow Duncan to redshirt his rookie season and learn the ins and outs of being an NFL left tackle.

Moro Ojomo, Defensive Lineman, Texas

Ojomo might be a fifth-year senior, but due to his entering college at the age of 16, he’s still only 21. He gives a lot of upside as someone with the experience of playing in so many games (50 total, 30 started) while providing a tremendous amount of upside with his youth and versatility. He’s not nearly as lengthy as Logan Hall, as he comes in at 6’3, but he’s quite stout, coming in at 281. His scheme fit is a bit questionable, but the effort is never going to be an issue, something that will sell for a lot of teams in this draft.

JL Skinner, Safety, Boise State

As a 3-star recruit coming out of high school, Skinner is known mostly for his versatility and size at the safety position. He can play a bit of the nickel, and models his game after former Seahawk safety Kam Chancellor. However, Skinner is not your prototypical centerfield type of safety; leaving him in single-high looks will get you burnt. It’d be best for the Buccaneers to take him if they want to use him as a physical, run support type of safety.

Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee

Look, I had to include a QB in at least one of my articles, and Hooker is really one of the few fits for the Bucs in this draft. They don’t have the positioning to take anyone truly elite, but Hooker provides a lot of interesting promise coming out of Tennessee and playing in a high-flying offense.

His ACL injury and age (25) are concerning, as he’ll have to redshirt his rookie year, essentially making him a 26-year-old rookie in 2024. Not ideal. Plus, at Tennessee he did not run a pro-style offense that forced him to make reads. But, his arm strength and mobility will be enough for one team to take a chance on him, maybe even as early as the third round. Personally, I would maybe spend a fifth rounder if he’s still there (doubtful), but for the Buccaneers, they’d be more well-suited to fill out a roster with a lot of other holes in it than just a QB.

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