Buccaneers Underrated Signing: WR David Moore


Not all signings in free agency are a huge splash. In fact, most go under the radar unless it’s a top-tier player who’s available. But some signings provide the depth championship teams need and also facilitate the growth of other players. Enter, wide receiver,  David Moore.

Lost and Forgotten

Some players become a victim of circumstance. Their situation dictates a diminished value and leaves them, often, on the outside looking in. For David Moore, this is the uphill battle he has faced the last two seasons.

In 2021, the last time he played, Moore found himself bouncing around the league after leaving the Seahawks following a four year run there. First, he signed in the offseason with the Panthers for a two year dela worth $4.75 million. A horribly mismanaged team with two star receivers already in place. Ultimately they cut him. Second, he was signed to the Raiders practice squad. This however, was short lived when the Broncos, another team in a bad situation, signed him of the Raiders practice squad. Later he would join the Packers for a one game activation. All together it was not a good season for Moore. He could never find his footing.

In 2022 things seemed to be looking better as Moore signed with the Bears in April for a one year contract. Unfortunately his season was cut short by a leg injury. Now, he finds himself with another chance to suit up with the Buccaneers.

Reunion And A Second Chance

Granted you can’t always determine a players worth from a pervious season. Things happen so you must dig deep to find those players who can contribute. So looking farther back we can get a sense of why the Buccaneers have brought him.

It all starts with new Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dave Canales. As a coach in a few positions for the Seahawks he has some overlapped time with Moore there. So Canales has some first hand knowledge of what Moore can bring and how to properly use him. Now, this is likely a mentorship role for Moore too. A new system is being emplaced offensively for the Buccaneers. So who better than a wide receiver who spent four seasons working in the basis of the system to help teach others and speed up understanding of the playbook. Essentially he becomes an extension of the coach this offseason.


In the Seahawks system that Canales forms his offense with Moore contributed very well for a seventh round pick. Excluding his rookie season where he didn’t see the field much he posted 1,163 yards on 78 receptions. That’s an average of 14.9 yards a reception. If your fourth wide receiver is pulling those numbers that’s a good spot to be in. Couple that with 5.3 yards after catch average and suddenly this wide receiver group is beginning to look deeper than expected.

Final Thought

For this to work though Moore must return to the levels he was playing at in Seattle. With Canales present that may be an obtainable goal. First he must make the team though. However at the very least while he is here he can bring the offensive players up to speed on the new game plan. Accelerating the learning curve for everyone.

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