Buccaneers See Ticket Prices Crater


Life after Tom Brady for the Buccaneers will bring many changes. Aside from his play on the field and leadership in the clubhouse, the Pewter Pirates, the team will see a financial change.

As reported by Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic, following Brady’s “for good” retirement their was a ripple affect in ticket prices. Or as Kaplan put it, they were “cratering”.

Not sure if the ticket price drop is solely because of Brady’s departure?

Kaplan reports that this year’s Patriots opener against the Eagles where the Patriots will honor Brady is the most-expensive regular-season price on the second-hand market.

“It just goes to show you the demand or the power of Tom Brady.” Stated Kyle Zorn of online marketplace TickPick. Zorn went on to point out the NFL isn’t really a star marketed brand like the NBA. But Brady is a different animal.

The Buccaneers head into the 2023 season with either Baker Mayfield or Kyle Trask at the helm. While most think either quarterback can be an adequate replacement for Brady, the ticket demand says otherwise. By this report, it appears the demand is roughly 50% less, which some will argue is an accurate percentage the Buccaneers lost going from Brady to Mayfield or Trask.

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