Three Buccaneers Who Must Show Improvement


As the new season is among us key departures and new additions to the Buccaneers signal a need for a decisive season from certain players. If they are unable to they may be seeking employment elsewhere. Now, if they do improve, the uncertainty around them will quietly disappear. Again accrediting Jason Licht’s draft profile with the ability to truly identify talent.

Logan Hall

Now Hall is very young and only going into his second season but talent needs to start showing up on game day. Picked first in the second round after Buccaneers traded back, he hasn’t had the impact they expected.

They may not have full confidence in him as evident by the drafting of Calijah Kancey this year. Especially with players like Anton Harrison still on the board and in what is arguably a huge position of need for the Buccaneers this year. So with arguably a poor performance in run defense and pass rush he hasn’t taken any pressure off of Vita Vea. Now this can change as he’s likely penciled in to start this season. His snap count should more than double from the approximately 400 from last season. He should get in a better rhythm so it’s safe to say we should see some improvement. But it needs to be a large jump.

Luke Goedeke

Entering his second season and one will that see him start at his natural position, he’s going to need to show the biggest jump in talent of all the names on this list. Anchoring an offensive line is a big responsibility. Being unable to do so can spell disaster for an entire offense. Now there is no need to get into stats from last season. It was bad. But he was out of position and unprepared to do so. After allowing 22 pressures last season the bar is set low but he better clear it by a mile in order to buy back the fans, propel the offense, and earn the starting position he’s likely been given.

Joe Tryon-Shoyinka

Entering his third season Tryon-Shoyinak needs to show more than he has. In comparison to his rookie campaign, Tryon-Shoyinak snap count jumped from around 560 snaps in 2021 to about 840 snaps in 2022.

This provided a boost in some statistics. Naturally, combined tackle numbers jumped up. Unfortunately other key statistics did not. With almost an increase of 300 snaps his solo tackle count, tackles for loss, sacks and quarterback hits didn’t jump up. This all came in a season where we saw him start ten more games the the last season. Now this isn’t to say he didn’t improve. According to PFF his coverage got much better. His missed tackle percentage went form 17.1% in 2021 to 4.8% in 2022. Solid jumps in numbers.

But he was drafted to disrupt the line and pressure the quarterback. In order to have the team start thinking about his fifth year option in 2025 he needs to improve this season.

Final Thought

As the Tom Brady era is over and the future, especially that of a culture of winning is now on the line, a story line will start to be written. One that asks a simple question. Did Jason Licht need BRady to cement his legacy and if they don’t win without him does his body of work show a team that could never put it all together without the GOAT?

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