Buccaneers’ Devin White Reports For Mandatory Mini-Camp, Sort Of


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ linebacker Devin White has reported to Mandatory Minicamp, well he’s there but not participating.

White is reportedly “Holding In”.  In this process as explained by Pewter Report’s Scott Reynolds, the player “reports” to mandatory camp, but doesn’t practice. This allows the player to avoid the fines associated with “Holding Out”, but still hold out.

This all centers around the contract extension negotiations between White and the Bucs. As of now White has an $11.7 million dollar guaranteed salary for 2023 under his fifth-year rookie deal. Negotiations broke down earlier this offseason when the Buccaneers reportedly failed to meet his $100 million dollar threshold of White’s demands.

At the end of the day this is a business. White looking to maximize his worth isn’t weird. The Buccaneers wanting the best bargain isn’t odd either.

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