Buccaneers’ David Sees Something “Different” In Canales’ Offense


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are installing a new Dave Canales‘ offense as well a new starting quarterback. And at least one veteran is noticing the difference. That player is Buccaneers’ great linebacker Lavonte David.

David spoke with the media recently during mandatory mini-camp about the differences between Canales’ scheme compared to the Arians/Leftwich scheme.

“It’s different,” David said, via buccaneers.com. “There’s a lot of movement going around, a lot of different personnel [groups], a lot of different looks that they’re giving us. It gives us a chance to communicate defensively and adjust on the fly.”

David continued,

“They’re giving us great looks, something that we haven’t seen in a while. B.A.’s offense is more taking deep shots down the field, this offense is taking what the defense gives them. It’s been really competitive out there the past couple of days.”

To be fair to Leftwich, the team finished 15th overall in yards from scrimmage. Unfortunately they also finished 25th in scoring. This offense under Canales looks to exploit what the opposing team’s defense gives as opposed to Arians and Leftwich’s no risk it downfield attack.

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