Buccaneers’ Sean Tucker Ready to Meet Expectations


With the National Football League training camp starting this week it’s time to start the position battles that lie ahead, the pressure and expectation are largely off for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s for 2023.

That mainly hangs on the fact that legendary quarterback Tom Brady’s ‘will he, won’t he’ retirement is now official. Having announced his retirement last year, and then u-turned on the decision to play out another year, when he retired once again, some in the game wondered if there would be another twist to the story – especially as his final year was a disappointment based on his own high standards.

With plans to broaden his investment in pro sports, as well as taking a year off and then continuing his career by hitting the broadcast booths, it seems the 45 year old NFL legend is now finally done and will be rightly fondly remembered for his seven Super Bowl wins and for those who like a small flutter, bet365 would be a good choice since he covers the majority of NFL games, for that, you can check Sportytraders’ website where they offer bet365’s bonus code for loyal customers, would be a good way to hedge a gamble on which quarterback might be the next to join Brady on seven.

Former team mate and wide receiving target Chris Godwin recently appeared on The Rich Eisen Show, and when asked the question about whether or not Brady would unexpectedly return once again, he gave quite an unequivocal response in an effort to shut the speculation down.

“I’d be surprised if (Brady) came out of retirement again. Put me down for that, I’d be very, very shocked. We talked a couple of times since he’s been retired but not like within the last couple of months. He’s been doing this for so long and how he’s finally retired. I think it’s cool to see him getting to spend as much time as he has with his family, but also see him get out there and open himself up.”

The speculation was fun for a bit but for Brady personally, and for fans of the Buccaneers’, it is time to draw a line under it as preparations for the new season are underway. Brady has to forge a future with new and fresh ventures that invigorate him as he looks to put the rush of a perfect throw behind him, and fans themselves have to look to a new, but different season ahead where new talisman(s) step up the be noticed and lead the franchise on in a new direction.

One player who may benefit from a reduced weight of expectation could be Buccaneers’ undrafted rookie running back Sean Tucker, who they snapped up post draft. On Monday he announced he had been given the all clear to participate in pre season. Tucker had missed the draft and had been ruled out of active involvement owing to what was deemed a potential heart concern issue.

He could prove to be a much needed dark horse for their final roster this year, as the 21 year old will be looking to make up for a bit of lost time.

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