Buccaneers’ Canales: QB Competition is “Absolutely” Tightening


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offensive coordinator Dave Canales spoke with the media recently about the team’s quarterback competition. The question of if this competition has become closer since the start of training camp garnered this response from Canales.

“Oh, absolutely. I think that. Going back to the spring, we were in this room talking about it, and the pros and cons of just naming a starter for the comfortability versus playing this thing out. I think what we are seeing is a couple of guys who both have to put themselves into that starter mind frame going into the practices, knowing, ‘Hey, today is my day. I get to roll with the ones, I get a few more reps.’ It is pretty much even, even with the way we go ones and twos, the way we do it.” Canales went on to say, “I just see the two guys really challenging each other.”

This is encouraging as competition brings growth. And growth is exactly what we’ve been waiting to see from Kyle Trask and to an extent Baker Mayfield. The team’s first preseason game is right around the corner, buckle-up Bucs’ fans.

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