Buccaneers Defense Is Keeping Team In The Game vs Philadelphia


Real quickly, fuck these refs. That is my analysis.

Ok, no seriously, the referees are not the reason why the Buccaneers are losing. They ain’t helping, but the Bucs need more than 87 yards of offense to win football games. This is easily one of their worst halves of football, offensively speaking. Defensively is another story.

The Eagles do have 228 yards of offense, but considering the score, the Bucs defense has been holding tall. They have held a very potent offense to just 13 points in the first half. While Hurts has been getting a lot of time in the pocket, coverage hasn’t been too bad. There have definitely been some chunk plays (looking at you Jamel Dean), but it hasn’t been too awful. Run defense also hasn’t looked spectacular, but it is manageable. But Devin White did manage an interception. If he wasn’t injured, that was a TD.

Offense on the other hand? Burn it all to the ground. Run game is awful, Rachaad White is looking terrible just in general. Mayfield looks uneasy in the pocket at a home game (although you would be forgiven for thinking this was away). Mayfield needs to calm down and make some throws. He has had some bad misses. Although it would help if Mike Evans wasn’t choking under the bright lights. The only bright spot is really Cade Otton.

As I said on Twitter, I did not think the Buccaneers would get the win, but would at least be competitive. The defense is definitely keeping them a lot closer than they have any right to be. But the offense has to help, otherwise this will get out of hand. There is some silver lining though, we cannot possibly be worse than the Broncos.

This article was used with permission from cannoncrunch.wordpress.com.and was written by Devin Sanguinett.

Cannon Crunch with Devin SanguinettCannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

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