How The Buccaneers Can Beat The Colts


No Minshew Magic here. We’re a Fitzmagic family.

This game may very well decide the Buccaneers season. Sounds overdramatic, but I don’t think it is. Because almost every team is 4-6 in the NFC (thanks Lions), I think the only path to the playoffs is through winning the NFC South. Ergo, there is no more time left to fuck around. The Bucs need to beat every mediocre team left on their schedule.

That will of course be difficult this time around with the injuries. Namely the one that has taken out Lavonte David. Feels weird to say that about a 34 year old in David, but here we are. David is once again having a really good season that all of the national media is ignoring. I would be upset, but we’re used to it. Instead, it will be SirVocea Dennis filling in. Dennis looked really solid in camp, but who knows how he’ll look in an actual game, considering also who he is filling in for. But he needs to be very good if the Bucs want a chance at winning.

And that is ignoring every other injury the Buccaneers have. Jamel Dean is out, and Devin White and Carlton Davis will be game time decisions. So who knows what happens with them.

With all that in mind, the offense will have to win the game, as terrifying as that may sound. In pretty much every win this season, it is the defense that carried them. Well, the defense is completely banged up. Dave Canales needs to go deep into his bag to ensure victory. Target Mike Evans and Chris Godwin early and often. Get Rachaad White in space (if he is playing). It’s a novel concept to get your playmakers the ball, but I think it can work.

That doesn’t mean this defense can do nothing. The front needs to be able to stop Jonathon Taylor. The Colts want to run the ball as much as humanely possible. The Bucs run defense has been mostly solid against teams not named the Eagles, so I think they can do it, even against a quality back.

In theory, the Bucs should win this game. However, theories suck. The Bucs have shown they can indeed lose games that they should’ve won. They just can’t do that anymore. It’s do or die time right now I would argue. The Saints have a far easier schedule. If the Bucs want a shot, they need to win these mediocre matchups.

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Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

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