Is it Time for the Buccaneers to Move on from Devin White?


The future is bright on this Buccaneers’ defense. For Devin White,? Ehhh.

Bucs fans may have been able to get a glimpse into the future in terms of the linebacker position. Lavonte David with K.J. Britt. Weird to say that David could not be part of the future of this team, but I would expect nothing less from a first round HOFer. Britt on the other hand has a lot of people excited. He was the highest graded defensive player for the Bucs against the Falcons. Now, it’s not the most accurate system, especially since they seem to hate Calijah Kancey, who had a sack for the record and was the worst graded players.

He had eight tackles in this game, which is only behind Zyon McCollum with nine (argument can be made he played better than Jamel Dean has). He had four solo ones and four assists. That does not sound all that impressive, but Devin White has only crossed that threshold 3 times this season. He had 12 against the Vikings, and 9 against Houston and Buffalo. He also had one pass defended, compared to White’s three. White has played triple the games at LB that Britt has.

But it is not just Britt proving the Buccaneers don’t need White, JJ Russel also had a good game against the Panthers. And that was a game the Bucs desperately needed LBs since David, White, and SirVocea Dennis were out. He had 9 tackles, which is White’s second highest total of the season if we’re keeping track. He also has one sack, which is half of White’s production of the season.

Antoine Winfield is in a contract year and has decided to be one of the best safeties in the NFL to get paid. White has done the opposite. Almost literally. Though PFF is not the most reliable, he is graded 81st out of 82nd in LBs. I’m almost impressed by that. To ignore the stats, he has just looked bad on the field. Once again, he can’t shed blockers. He can’t finish tackles, also again. I don’t know if it is Bowles not holding him accountable or if he’s just decided to tell the team to suck it, but it is not good for him. Bucs probably should’ve traded him this offseason just to get something of value. But he has played his way out of town at any rate. As of right now, it doesn’t seem like the team needs him.

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Cannon Crunch with Devin Sanguinett

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