Watch: Buccaneers Put An End To The “Tush Push”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t just beat the Philadelphia Eagles 32-9 to advance to the NFL Divisional Round, they also put to sleep one of the most talked about plays. Here lies the Philly Tush Push, or Brotherly Shove.

The “Tush Push” has been one of the most successful short-yardage plays for the Eagle throughout the 2023 season. That is until they came to Tampa to play the Bucs in a playoff game. The key to stopping this appears to be getting lower than Jason Kelce and having the linebackers come over the top and turning quarterback Jalen Hurts parallel to the goal-line. That play, or the stopping of it looked to be when reality was setting in for the Eagles. This wasn’t their year, Push or not.

The Pewter Pirates now advance to the Divisional Round against the Detroit Lions this coming Sunday at 3pm.

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