The Buccaneers Should Target This Potential Offensive Free Agent Playing In Sunday’s Divisional Round


As the Buccaneers prepare for the divisional round of the playoffs, Jason Licht is scheming. During this weekend he’ll surely be paying attention to the Buccaneers players and a few pending free agents still playing. So here is an under-the-radar free agent that the Buccaneers could target who could bolster depth on this team and help strengthen the offensive line next year.

Buffalo Bills Guard David Edwards

Edwards started as a fifth round pick in 2019 for the Los Angeles Rams. There, in his rookie season, he wouldn’t see action until week seven but once he did he held tightly to the starting job. With 689 snaps, 428 in passing situations, Edwards only allowed one sack and 14 pressures at left guard. Not bad for a rookie fifth round pick.

For the 2020 and 2021 seasons Edwards would play well. Securing grades of 70.3 and 66.9 according to PFF and only allowing nine sacks on over 1,279 passing downs. His pass protection and run blocking were to a point where he had secured himself as a solid piece part of the Rams offensive line. Unfortunately, in 2022 Edwards would suffer a bad concussion and miss the rest of the season.

For this season Edwards signed with the Buffalo Bills. There, behind Connor McGovern, Edwards has seen some limited time on the field. This is because McGovern is a Bills 2019 third round pick himself has played well and consistently. So as free agency opens Edwards, who’s well rested, young, once played at a high level, and who may be overlooked this offseason could be a boost to the Buccaneers depth on offensive line if not push for a starting role at left guard.

Final Thought

The weakest point for this team has been the interior of the offensive line. At this point its clear there needs to be some changes. Edwards can be brought in at a cap friendly deal. He will have a true shot at starting and could be a steal in free agency as I feel as though he has been overlooked.

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