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Well, it’s time to look at potential Buccaneers offensive coordinator candidates again. Ahh, memories from the early days of my blogsite. That was when it was called Historically Bad. And hey, we can still get Frank Reich as OC. Everything I said in that profile is still true, just would have to update the win-loss record. But as of right now, the Bucs have looked at Kellen Moore, Ken Dorsey, Brian Johnson, and Zac Robinson.

Not the most unexpected list. Moore might be out in LA with the arrival of Jim Harbaugh. Brian Johnson got fired for putting up 9 points in a playoff game. Dorsey was fired for not doing well with Josh Allen and Robinson has experience with Baker.

In my honest opinion, the guy that I want is actually Robinson. I would consider Lewis more (and other teams have), but the fact he hasn’t been a position coach for more than a year scares me. At least Canales was a position coach for ten years before moving to OC. The main reason that I want Robinson is what I already mentioned.

Baker needs some kind of continuity. He has been the QB coach for the Rams since 2019 and was there when Baker had his brief stint. If you’ll recall, that was the only place where Baker looked half competent in 2022. Also, this is less of an identifiable thing, but Sean McVay and his assistants have all become really good coaches.

The only issue with Robinson is that the Bucs may not get him. With Raheem Morris in Atlanta, it is very possible that Robinson goes with the guy he has coached with for years. But, on paper, I think Robinson is the best candidate for the Buccaneers with Baker.

However, him being the best candidate has more to do with the fact that I really don’t like these other guys. If Dorsey could not succeed with Josh Allen, I am skeptical of his potential success with Baker. The Bills arguably got better when he was fired by Sean McDermott, on offense at least. You can argue that the Bucs receiver room is better and he’ll have more success, but I just don’t trust it. And my argument against Brian Johnson is simple, he put up 9 points in a playoff game.

The Buccaneers do have a very good defense, but there is no excuse for that dismal performance. The regression of Jalen Hurts was massive and their run game just kinda stopped. He flamed out in Philly in a year, I do not trust him in Tampa.

Kellen Moore is the guy a lot of people are focused on because he is a big name. He did have success in Dallas, but again, he doesn’t impress me. This is not the most fair for Moore since the Chargers were injured, but their offense really didn’t look all that great. In particular, there just seemed to be a lack of creativity. Every 3rd or 4th and short was a run out of shotgun it felt like. Which, as we all should know, is never the correct playcall.

Because why in God’s name do you want to move backwards when the distance is short. The Cowboys got better without Moore calling plays, going from 27.5 to 29.9. The Chargers got worse, going from 23.8 to 20.4. Not only that, but they had three less rushing TDs. This is a team that lost their QB and has Austin Ekeler. I’m not impressed.

Baker needs a coach that knows how to craft an offense around his strengths and weaknesses. Robinson seems like the best guy to do that. I don’t want washouts that teams have already spit out. Who wants the guy that another fired? That being said, Greg Olsen, would love you here.

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