Navigating the Future: Buccaneers’ Quest for a New OC


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers find themselves at a crossroads, basking in the glow of a remarkably successful season. After a thrilling playoff run that saw them defy expectations, the Bucs are now faced with the task of replacing their standout Offensive Coordinator, Dave Canales. 

Canales, who recently ascended to the role of Head Coach with the Carolina Panthers, leaves behind big shoes to fill. Despite online sportsbooks putting zero faith in Tampa’s 2023 aspirations, the Bucs managed to squeak into the playoffs and deliver a memorable postseason. This includes a resounding triumph over last year’s NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles followed by a narrow defeat in a hard-fought battle against the gritty Detroit Lions. 

Even with just a couple of years removed from the Tom Brady era, the team continues to compete at the highest level, led by the talented quarterback, Baker Mayfield. Despite the team’s success, the departure of Dave Canales presents a challenge that demands attention. Canales played a pivotal role in the Buccaneers’ offensive strategy and Baker’s success. 

To build on their recent accomplishments, the Bucs must find a suitable replacement to ensure continuity and further development. As the Buccaneers look to capitalize on their newfound success and maintain their competitive edge, let’s explore the top candidates in the running for the Offensive Coordinator position.

Arthur Smith (Former Falcons HC)

Arthur Smith, known for his stellar work with a play-action-heavy offense in Tennessee, brings a wealth of experience. Despite a less-than-ideal stint as the head coach in Atlanta, Smith’s reputation as an offensive mind makes him a valuable candidate. Surrounding Baker Mayfield with playmakers like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Cade Otton, and Rachaad White under Smith’s guidance could create a lethal offensive combination.

Frank Reich (Former Panthers HC)

Frank Reich, with a Super Bowl title under his belt as the offensive coordinator for the Eagles, offers a proven track record. Despite stating that this might be the final chapter of his NFL journey after being fired by the Panthers, the allure of rejoining a successful organization eager to dominate the NFC might sway Reich’s decision. Plus, as a former NFL quarterback, he carries the prestige and experience that could help elevate Baker Mayfield even further. 

Kliff Kingsbury (Former Cardinals HC)

Kliff Kingsbury, the former Cardinals head coach, brings a quarterback-centric approach. Associated with the Air Raid offense, Kingsbury’s adaptability and experience could offer a fresh perspective for the Buccaneers. If the aim is to maximize the talented receiving corps of Evans, Godwin, and Otton, Kingsbury’s history of innovation could be the answer. His system also works best when it’s built around a talented receiving back, like Rachaad White. 

Josh McDaniels (Former Raiders HC)

Despite a challenging run as a head coach in Las Vegas, Josh McDaniels’ offensive expertise remains unquestionable. His success with Mac Jones as a rookie in New England showcases his ability to mold young quarterbacks. If Todd Bowles aims to maximize Baker Mayfield’s potential, bringing in a battle-tested and champion-winning offensive mind like McDaniels’ could be a strategic hire.

Klint Kubiak (49ers Pass Game Coordinator)

With a diverse coaching background, Klint Kubiak, the 49ers Pass Game Coordinator, offers a solid candidate for change. Son of former Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak, Klint’s experience with offenses and recent work with the 49ers make him an appealing choice for teams seeking a new OC. San Francisco has one of the most potent offenses in the NFL and Kubiak has played a big role in amplifying the success of their players. 


Each candidate brings a unique set of skills and experiences that could shape the team’s offensive strategy. The decision ahead is not just about filling a coaching position but ensuring the continued success and evolution of a team that has become synonymous with excellence in the NFL. The journey continues for the Bucs, and the choice of the right Offensive Coordinator will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in their ongoing pursuit of greatness.

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